A trip to the Plateau

I travelled to Jos over the weekend for a private event that was quite a success. My interest in tourism however put my feelers out for tourism opportunities or useful information to potential tourists.

I must confess, the trip was sparse in tourism activities due to the primary intent of the trip. However, a few learnings and visits. I will blog on them later.

1. There is a tribe called the Mupun that I intend to research on later. I liked the originality of their outfit. They could have been as popular as the many of the Kneyan tribes with colourful outfits. I will make a specific post on this and talk about Plateau State in general.

2. Rayfield Resort: It is a nice resort with a man-made lake believed to be a bye-product of Tin mining. I am not very sure about this though but sounds plausible considering it used to be known as the Tin City.

3. The highest point in Nigeria above sea level. I am not certain what this really means as I see mountains in the backdrop. It reads “The Highest Point; 1318.20 m (4324ft) Above sea level. If you have any further information, please post in the comment section.

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