Afroelle Magazine

Oh well, this came up while looking out for AAKS  . Didn’t get the name right while watching CNN. So I did a google for Ghana + Fashion + Bag … (you get the idea?). I still missed though and came up with Afroelle Magazine . A blog site giving African women in Diaspora and in Africa an opportunity to showcase their talents and entrepreneurial spirit. This actually falls in line with part of what Trek Africa will  achieve. Provide an avenue for tourists to fulfill their dreams and also document for others to learn from.

Ok, let me get back to Afroelle. The site is a load of information to inspire African women (I think people in general after all, I was inspired) of life struggles and hidden opportunities (my words) and cursory observation. I won’t bore you with her life story. That would be plagiarism. You can learn more about Rita from her site here .

Now, I remember how google made the mistake. I was searching for Afua Rida. I thought I heard Rita (obviously). I put it in google as “Rita + fashion + Ghana” and your know the rest. Also means you should check out Rida’s site on Style By Rida .

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